MPlayer is a multi-platform open source media player. MPlayer can play virtually all video and audio formats, including popular formats such as DVD, Blu-ray, MKV & DivX/Xvid. MPlayer doesn't require any external codecs or installation. Best of all, it's free.


The latest version is featured under "Current Release" or on the Downloads page. MPlayer binaries and source code can be extracted using any archiving program compatible with the 7-Zip format.

MPlayer is a command-line program and is best used with SMPlayer. It can provide easy access to all of MPlayer's features and features a skinnable UI among many others such as remembering your position in a video, localization, subtitle search, Windows integration, and YouTube™ video search and playback.

SMPlayer can be configured to use any of the MPlayer releases found here.

If you need an older release use the "Previous versions" link to browse all previous and current versions.


These builds are maintained independently by me and not The MPlayer Project, however, feel free to open a new issue on the Issues pages if you encounter any bugs or the MPlayer-users mailing list or Bug Tracker. For usage help, refer to the manual included in each release.

If you like MPlayer and would like to help development, consider donating to The MPlayer Project. If you also like SMPlayer then consider donating to it as well.