All packages use the 7-Zip format and can be extracted using any archiving program compatible with the 7-Zip format.

64-bit binaries require a 64-bit CPU and a 64-bit Windows OS. Binary codecs are not supported and will not work on 64-bit. Either build is compatible with 64-bit Windows, if you experience problems with the 64-bit build or are unsure which you should download then download the 32-bit build.

Minimum OS requirement: Windows Vista SP2 with Platform Update.

» Release Binaries

Release Date
mplayer-svn-37955.7z MPlayer r37955 for 32-bit Windows 09-09-2017
mplayer-svn-37955-x86_64.7z MPlayer r37955 for 64-bit Windows & AMD64/Intel EM64T 64-bit CPUs 09-09-2017

Debug builds are intended for advanced users only. These binaries are compiled with debug information for tracing program crashes using the GNU Project Debugger (included in debug packages) or Dr. Memory, are much larger, and are not optimized. Instructions on creating a bug report using gdb.

» Debug Binaries

Release Date
mplayer-svn-37955-d.7z MPlayer r37955 for 32-bit Windows debug build 09-09-2017
mplayer-svn-37955-x86_64-d.7z MPlayer r37955 for 64-bit Windows debug build 09-09-2017 Files generated during build (config.h/mak/build log, etc.). Included with debug builds. 09-09-2017

» Source Code

Release Date
mplayer-r37955-src.7z MPlayer r37955 + FFmpeg N-87137-g6ccd32c367 09-09-2017
mplayer-3rdparty-src-20170710_0249.7z Sources and patches for libraries used by MPlayer 07-10-2017

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